Destiny or something else?

Sometimes I thought that, is luck responsible for everything? Or present is the consequences of past? May be unsuccessful people tried to hold responsible their past decision and activities for their present condition of life. This type of people also pretends to be lots of believe on destiny.Actually they are losers.They are the situational pick out of particular time.People around them are not so innocent.They are also to be blamed for these “losers” ruination. May be I belong to this type of people!!


Disaster in the life…

2012…what an unforgettable year! Sofia never ever forget this time.Her thinking about life totally changed after the incident which took place at that time. Before talked about this, get back to 2010.Sofia completed her post graduation at 2010.Despite so many problems,Sofia was happy about her life. She was able to face all academic and personal problems in a great way. She was a respect worthy person to her friends and kin group. She was satisfied about her academic result ,which she gained only by herself.And of course in a honest way. And that was the most important part for Sofia. She always tried to be a honest person. And for this, she had to sacrifices a lot of things. But at the end of day, she was satisfied. She thought that, after the completion of her education, she will start her family life.At that time she was heart broken about professional life.So she wanted to make a fresh start.And this type of thinking was very common for girls of her time. She was quite romantic about her life partner. She always dreamed to have a nice person as her life partner.She likes man of great personality and of course educated one. She was like dreaming about her future life, her own little world. But she didn’t get this small things also.It was so painful for her to see lots of dishonest person to lead a normal life.They post their happy family picture just to show the people.Sofia was getting jealous. This happened because she is a normal human being!Before 2012,Sofia’s life was different.Her life was easygoing.She thought that,no actually she believed that life is so simple.All people around her family are good. She trust everyone. She never caused any harm to anyone. She always tried her best to do something good for everyone. She maintained her limitation also. She had no enemy. She never imagined somebody hates her so much that, without any valid reason he will destroy her life..

Let it be…how and why?

Is it really so easy for any person to forget past?I don’t think that. I am not a revengeful human being but I can’t stop thinking about myself, about my past life and few regretful decisions.I know Almighty have already made my destiny.But I am tired now.I can’t wait for my good days. It is very tough to remain optimistic for a long period of time. It’s simple to give advice anyone but it’s impossible to understand others feelings. It’s out of the question to put oneself in someone’s shoes.

Right or wrong decision….

There are lot of things in Sofia’s life to write but it is not possible to describe everything. So I will try to write important things only. But as a human being I can make mistake. So I apologize from the heart.By the way,get back to the story. Sofia was quite popular in her department. May be that was because of her looks.She was also an introvert typed girl and according to many psychologists this type of people gained more attention from the opposite gender.Some of Sofia’s class friends really liked her a lot. But they were not her dream partner. Sofia was very impassioned about her life partner.She was waiting for her “prince charming”! She was making dream for a long period of time. And I guessed this is a common thing for most of the girls of her age, particularly in her society.When Sofia was in third year,a new teacher came to the department.And for first time Sofia’s hard work and determination was getting proper appreciation. He also discussed about her talent with other teachers.He had a great personality.Sofia respect him a lot. But some narrow minded people labeled this student-teacher relationship in a wrong way.Sofia was very disappointed on them.She realized that some lower minded people never appreciates a girl’s reserved personality.But she maturely managed that situation.At the same time another new teacher also joined there.He was also very helpful. But later, Sofia got to know that he felt something for her. But it was tough for her to approve that things. She was quite uneasy to imagine a teacher from a romantic way!!Moreover, she didn’t felt for him anything. But he tried his best to convince her. At present Sofia felt pity for that person,actually for his feelings… .Sofia avoided many people’s emotion for her. But not as an arrogant person.She had some valid reasons for it.Firstly, she didn’t want to be in a love relationship before marriage.secondly, in few cases she didn’t felt the same thing for that person.Besides that ,she didn’t had that confidence also.Now sometimes she think,did she made right decision about all circumstances?

Dream to be a teacher…

Sofia had no specific dream until she went to university.From second year, her academic performance became upward. That time she started to like the teaching profession.She thought that, if she studied well and got a good result, she could try for it in the future. Sofia was the only student who making good result without any help.Some teachers were upset on her because she didn’t done things to make them happy,which was a common trend in the department. Some of her classmates also told her that if she didn’t do this things then she will suffer in the future. But Sofia thought that through honest way she will try.But later Sofia was facing too much problem. Some characterless teacher created problems for her. Sofia decided to change her plan.After completed her graduation,Sofia understood that her personality is the main problem for some of the teacher. But she was never able to change her mentality. And she sacrificed her dream. In the university, without boyfriend and teacher’s support it was impossible to become a teacher for any girl. And that was the harsh truth. She felt so heart broken that time.Sofia had also few great moments.Very few teacher appreciated her hard work and her personality. They were helpful. Sofia had some great friends there. She spent lots of time with them. But she couldn’t get too close with them like others. She made a wall by herself. She couldn’t share her all feelings with them. And it was her nature!!Despite that Sofia stood third in class. She was a very exceptional student.And caused difficulties for her.But it was totally unintentional.After that ,Sofia decided not to do her post graduation here. But her father put too much pressure on her.Even he didn’t try to understand her feelings.Sofia stood fifth in the department. But she was so stressed out.In the bad phase of life, Sofia’s family members didn’t support her.

Love is in the air….

Sofia had the awesome feelings of love throughout her life, which is pretty much normal for every girl.At early age she liked some of her neighbours. At adolescence, she liked her elder brother’s friends or school fellows. Sometimes she loved actors or singers.But all these was not that kind of feelings to Sofia.Nobody touched her soul..At a different point of time, Sofia felt special feelings for her.And that was from some handsome neighbours or class friends.Once she experienced an unpleasant situation. When she was at 10th grade,she had a house tutor named Hasin.He had a weird personality.He was 10-12years older than Sofia. Several times he creates embarrassing situation in order to open up his feelings for her. But very cleverly Sofia had handled that situation. She told her parents that, her tutor is not good at English and accounting!! After that he lost his job.Honestly speaking, that man caused some unpleasant things to Sofia, which was very stressful.Sofia was lucky enough that time because her younger brother was also studied with her.That’s why that man couldn’t do anything wrong to Sofia. Every girl in her life confronted this type of situation and only they knows how it feel!!Anyway,at college Sofia had experienced the theory of “love triangle”.It was among Sofia, Rejwana and Topu.And eventually all of them parted away. When Sofia was able to understand Topu’s feelings for her, it was too late!! Misunderstanding or lack of self confidence or immaturity or traditional mentality-which was responsible for that case,I can’t understand!After 2-3years later, Topu shifted to England.. And then Sofia’s university life begin. That was the place,where Sofia felt” love is in the air “. Actually in school and college Sofia had observed that falling in love was a forbidden thing.People had done it secretly. But in the university, it was quite normal.Many students had done it openly.Some of them were so practical people that they were not serious about their relationship,they just ” pass the time “!Sofia’s some friends were also busy with that ” dating ” things.They always tried to make understand Sofia about the “positive” side of love affair.They never understand that it is completely her personal matter.According to them,Sofia was making wrong decision. To be in a love relationship is just awesome. So without any second thought go for it. And enjoy your moment!! That was really so pathetic idea. Love relationship should be a special one. It must come from the heart.Just to become popular, people shouldn’t made fun of this.It was surprising that in the campus, being in a relationship was the sign of a girl’s beauty!! So Sofia was getting astonished by such mentality. Many girls also tie up with classmates or seniors or even with male teachers for making good result!!Many girls even made illicit relationship with teachers. Sofia was a very confused person that time. She couldn’t understand how any girl sacrificed her self respect only for result!

New friend…

Sofia’s best friend Jolly got married at the second year. She became busy with her new life. She was more interested about her in laws house rather than study. But Sofia was a very attentive student.She made a new friend named Rawson. Sofia was also became more socialized person then before. She made good relations with some of her classmates . There were few boys also. For study purpose it was necessary to make friendly relations with all. Sofia was able to make a very healthy relation with boys, which was a new experience for her. Actually Sofia got tremendous respect from her male classmates throughout her life ,due to her behavior towards them. Sofia was never comfortable about free mixing with boys. But as a educated and modern person it was necessary to make friendly relations with all people around her.Sometimes people are being forced to do things which they don’t like. If we don’t do it,we will be labeled as “orthodox” or “traditional. Sofia know that according to Islam, free mixing are forbidden also. Though, Sofia was not so religious but this was a very important fact for her as a Muslim.Sofia always set a limit to make relation with boys. She believes,there can be friendship with boys,but without crossing her limitation.Being a confused person,Sofia had some great friends at her university life.